About Us

PNG Budget Tours

PNG Budget Tours, a division of Blue Latitudes Travel, specializes in travel to Papua New Guinea by offering affordable tourism and hotel options in one of the world’s final frontiers. We service everyone from independent travelers, families, couples, and companies, all keen on seeing the real country and culture, without breaking the bank, and experiencing the trip of a lifetime.

Formed in 2013 with the alliance of local expertise and international standards, PNG Budget Tours is the only and best tour operator in its class and in the whole country – designed for you, the tourist, the adventurer, the diver, the businessman, the wanderer, or the explorer. Now with tourist visas relaxed, and fees abolished in 2013, coming here is easier than ever.

Contact an agent to help you with your adventure, and see the real final frontier.

Our Team

Designed to make your dream of visiting one of the world’s most difficult countries and frontiers come true. We strive to deliver the best value and price in the world, for everything PNG.

Our team of experts and safety-conscious individuals, know the country inside and out, and grew up in this young destination to now be guiding tourists for over 25 years!

*All our tours include comprehensive travel insurance, unless otherwise mentioned.

Samwell (Goroka and Trekking)


Moses (Safety and Road Conditions)


Cathy (Accounting, Administration, Madang and Resorts)


Sasha (Foreign Languages Correspondent)


Steven (Tari and Sepik River)


Solomon (Cooking and Culture)


Chris (Guide Training, Insurance, Payments Safety)